Basic instructions for using AI – Adobe Illustrator – Vietnamese – English Textbook

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Basic instructions for using AI – Adobe Illustrator – Vietnamese – English Textbook

Full, free version of Illustrator Vietnamese textbook. This is an Adobe Illutrator(Ai) self-study kit for beginners. Download, download the Illustrator textbook to learn right away!

Introducing Illustrator Vietnamese software for beginners.
Illustrator is probably the most popular vector graphics software in the world, most designers in the world who work on graphics use this software.

It can be said that if you want to join the graphic design industry, you must learn and master this software.

Almost every media advertising, printing, web design company… in Vietnam uses this software. And when recruiting, proficiency in using professional graphic design software Illustrator is a mandatory requirement for employers.

The Illustrator textbook is a useful Illustrator learning guide for beginners

In the current era of technology 4.0, there are many learning methods such as:

Learn directly through subject teachers
Learn online via video
Learn on Youtube
Learn through the manual…
No matter what form you are studying, combining those forms with the subject curriculum will bring you high efficiency in learning.

Because the nature of the curriculum is to closely follow the training program, ensuring systematicity, application, fundamentality and accuracy.

Therefore, the Adobe Illustrator textbook is a useful learning material for you.

Contents of the Vietnamese Illustrator textbook for beginners.
This is a detailed Illustrator textbook set from basic to advanced, from theory to practice for beginners. The instructional textbook is based on the CS6 version, you can apply it when studying for other versions such as lower CS versions, or even CC versions. Because in each version Adobe only upgrades certain features, and the differences in each version are insignificant.

This Vietnamese Illustrator textbook is also very useful for those who already know Illustrator and want to consolidate their knowledge and learn more about the things they don’t know or are not proficient in about this Illustrator photo editing software.

Here is the table of contents of the Illustrator textbook that I am about to share with you:

Part 1 – Basic knowledge
Lesson 1 – Working interface
1. Workspace
2. Panels
3. Panel Tools
4. Preferences and Presets
5. Undo and Automation.
Lesson 2 – Working with Files
1. Create new File
2. Many Artboards
3. Save and export files
4. Open Files
5. Add photos to Illustrator
6. Move around the Workspace
7. Use Adobe Bdidge
Lesson 3 – Drawing and editing lines and shapes
1. Shape tools
2. Line Segment tools
3. Edit lines and shapes
4. Cutting tools
Lesson 4 – Working with selections
1. Selection Tool
2. Direct Selection Tool
3. Group Selection Tool
4. Magic wand tool
5. Lasso Tool
6. Eyedropper Tool
Lesson 5 – Layers
1. Learn the Layers
2. Use Panel Layers
3. Create a pattern layer
4. Reorganize the Layers.
Lesson 6 – Color in Illustrator
1. Panel Color
2. Color picker
3. Panel Color Guide
4. Panel Swatches
Part 2 – Tools and image editing
Lesson 1 – Pencil, Eraser, Paintbrush and Blob brush
1. Pencil Tool
2. Smooth Tool
3. Path Eraser tool
4. Eraser tool
5. Paintbrush tool
Lesson 2 – Pen Tool
1. Pen Tool
2. Edit paths
Lesson 3 – Type tool
1. Type tool
2. Type format
3. Area Type tool
4. Type on A path tool
5. Vertical Type Tool
6. Wrap text around an object
7. Curve the text with Envelope Distort
8. Fit a heading line
9. Execute other Type commands
10. Convert Type to outlines
Lesson 4 – Transformation tools
1. Transformation tools
2. Panel Transform
3. Transform menu commands
Lesson 5 – Pattern and Gradient
1. Patterns
2. Gradients
Lesson 6 – Symbols, 3D light and Flash
1. Panel Symbols
2. Symbol libraries
3. Work with Symbols
4. Symbolism tools..
5. Map Symbol images to 3D objects
6. Integrate Symbols with Flash
Lesson 7 – Creating blends
1. Create Blends
2. Blend options
3. Edit blend types
4. Blend menu options
Lesson 8 – Clipping Mask and compound paths
1. Crop masks
2. Complex paths
Download, download the Vietnamese version of Illustrator textbook, full, free.

File 1: download the Vietnamese version of the illustrator textbook
Basic instructions for using AI - Adobe Illustrator - Vietnamese - English Textbook 5

File 2: download the illustrator textbook Adobe illustrator CC Classroom in a Book – EN (2019 Release) English version with detailed instructions
Basic instructions for using AI - Adobe Illustrator - Vietnamese - English Textbook 6

File 2: Learn more about the Vietnamese version of the Photoshop instruction manual
Basic instructions for using AI - Adobe Illustrator - Vietnamese - English Textbook 7


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