Print decal labels for bottles and jars


Specializing in printing all kinds of decal stickers, bottle labels in all sizes and materials:

  • Paper decal material
  • Decal material is PP or PE plastic
  • Metalize metal material
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Print decal labels for bottles and jars

Bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and ceramic vases are used quite commonly in life. Some products are also used to contain specific products such as: spices, honey, soft drinks, powders, etc. Using glass or ceramic bottles makes the product more luxurious.

Professionalism commensurate with product quality and brand reputation.

  • Print directly on the bottle
  • Print decal labels with glue
  • Print shrink film labels

Printing decal labels for bottles and jars is an optimal printing method in terms of cost, good quality, and can print large quantities of labels. Print decal labels at low prices using flexo printing technology, with a capacity of 2-10 million labels per day, using a variety of colors, supporting many impressive techniques to meet all your bottle label printing needs client.

Label size and bottle size

Bottle sizes vary widely and depend largely on the type of product contained inside: liquid, powder, solid or something else. The size of the label will depend on the size of the bottle.

The decal label is specifically applied to a flat, glossy and frictionless surface of the bottle, so the glue layer adheres tightly to help the label last for a long time and is difficult to peel off.

Some suitable printing materials

Paper decals

Paper decal material is commonly used thanks to its low price, meeting technical requirements and usage time on the product. Paper decal labels use simple effects by spreading a thin layer of nylon plastic onto the surface to protect the paper, limiting water absorption, peeling, color fading, improving durability and increasing usage time.

  • Ball rolling
  • Matte lamination

Plastic decals

Plastic decals have very high durability, good for use in environments exposed to humidity, high temperatures, direct sunlight, chemicals, corrosive solvents, etc.

The cost of printing plastic decal labels will be many times higher than paper decals. To reduce costs, you need to print the smallest sized labels and print in large quantities.

Metallic paper decal (metalize)

Metallic paper is considered the most luxurious printing paper among label printing materials. Characteristics of this type of paper are the durability of plastic, the surface sparkles with very luxurious metallic luster such as: gold, silver or bronze metal…

The cost of using metal metalize material is very expensive, often used with high-end, expensive, high-quality products such as: cosmetics, high-end food, high-end wine, precious medicinal herbs…

Some outstanding printing techniques applied to printing bottle and decal labels

To create a beautiful effect for labels, a number of printing techniques are applied to highlight and create professionalism. Commonly used techniques include: UV lamination, degumming label printing, foil printing (metallic film), debossed printing, embossing…

Specializing in printing all kinds of decal stickers, bottle labels in all sizes and materials: Paper decal material

  • Paper decal material
  • Decal material is PP or PE plastic
  • Metalize metal material


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