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Product stickers are labels used to paste on all product packaging. This type of label has necessary information printed such as: Company name, product, origin, expiration date, price… to provide to buyers. Therefore, it can be seen that label printing is an indispensable activity for businesses and households trading in the market.

In addition to conveying necessary information about products to customers, sticker printing is also an extremely effective means of PR and advertising that brings many benefits to businesses such as:

  • Build credibility and professionalism, leaving an impression in the minds of customers
  • Customers can easily find and repurchase products when needed
  • Can compete with many product brands of the same type
  • Helps businesses create distinctive and unique features in their products
  • Help customers trust in buying the right product, thereby increasing their purchasing ability

Notes when printing product labels

A perfect sticker model will greatly affect the rate of shoppers. Therefore, when printing stickers, you need to note the following:

  • Regarding color: It needs to be harmonious and eye-catching because this is the factor that attracts customers’ attention
  • About images: Need to be realistic and vivid – Ways to stimulate purchasing actions from consumers
  • About information: Short, complete, easy to read because not everyone has much time to think about what you need to convey.
  • Regarding typography: Clear, easy to read, simple, and impressive are the top criteria so that customers do not miss the information that the business wants to convey.
  • Regarding materials: You need to use materials suitable for your product to increase the brand PR effect on customers.

Pay attention to the material when ordering sticker printing

There are many decal materials used to print stickers, the most popular of which include:

Paper decal material:

This is a quite popular material with a smooth surface, the back has a layer of glue that sticks firmly to the product surface and is very easy to mold to any shape. However, because it is a paper material, it is often used for dry products and packaging. However, paper material has the cheapest price, so if you do not need waterproofing, choosing paper decal printing will help you save a lot of costs.

in tem dan san pham 1

print labels and stickers for paper decal products

Material of clear plastic decal:

With transparent properties, you can see through the inside when pasted onto the product, so it is often used to print stickers on plastic cups, glass cups, and transparent bottles to increase the aesthetics of the product.

Print labels and stickers for products using clear decal material Print labels and stickers for products using clear decal material

Print labels and stickers for products using clear decal material

Beautiful in appearance and more durable and flexible, milk decals are also widely used in life in many fields from household appliances, vehicles to food items that can withstand extreme temperatures… If If you want to print highly durable stickers, you can refer to this type of decal.

Print product labels on milky white decak material Print product labels on milky white decak material

Broken decal material:

This type of decal has the characteristics of being fragile and torn when exposed to force, so it is often used to make warranty stamps for electronic components and machinery equipment.

print stickers with broken decal material print stickers with broken decal material

Material of decal:

Also known as aluminum, emulsion, tin decals with high durability, adhesion, and luxurious appearance, they are often used for high-end electronic equipment items. Therefore, the cost you have to spend when you want to print silver decal is not cheap. Because it is a high-end publication with good durability, the price is also much higher than other types of decal stickers.

Print labels and stickers on decal material products Print labels and stickers on decal material products

7-color decal material (hologram):

Print stickersThis will bring brilliant colors, changing with each viewing angle, so it is often applied as a seal or warranty stamp on products. If you want to print 7-color stamps to paste on products, be sure to choose reputable printing factories because this type of stamp requires a modern printing process to produce the best products.

7-color decal material 7-color decal material

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