Print the lipstick box


specializes in providing lipstick and cosmetic packaging With large quantities, diverse designs, unique designs, prices are very reasonable and economical. We have become the top choice for many brands and cosmetics companies.

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Print the lipstick box

Thien Thanh Print specializes in providing printing services for lipstick and cosmetic boxes in large quantities, with diverse designs, unique designs, and very reasonable and economical prices. We have become the top choice for many brands and cosmetics companies.

  • Available 2x2x8.3cm lipstick cosmetic jars are printed on a closed technology line, providing sharp, quality printed images.
  • The lipstick box is designed to be very eye-catching, trendy and highly aesthetic by well-trained and skilled designers.
  • The cost of printing lipstick boxes is very economical and competitive.

Benefits of printing lipstick boxes

Cheap lipstick boxes are printed on different paper materials with sizes, shapes, and information that can be customized according to each user’s different requirements, so when you use them you will get many results practical. The specific evidence below will help you see that.

  • Contain and preserve handmade lipstick better: when only stored in common plastic boxes, the labels used over time or during transportation will be damaged, and sometimes the information will disappear. Therefore, customers will have difficulty identifying it. Using an extra layer of paper packaging on the outside will help preserve the lipstick better.
  • Create more aesthetics and stand out compared to lipsticks of the same type: when demand is high, there will also be many production units, the same goes for handmade lipsticks. Therefore, the competitiveness will be much higher. When choosing a paper box with beautiful and eye-catching printing, the product will easily be noticed by consumers.
  • Promote products and brands: through colors and images used on paper boxes, your products will be introduced to customers in a better way. Besides, this is also a way to bring your brand closer to customers, increase recognition and improve promotional effectiveness with other forms of communication.

Quality printing papers for lipstick boxes

Because the lipstick is small, the packaging is also small. If you choose paper that is too thin, it will quickly wrinkle or deform, causing loss of trust in the main product inside.

You should choose a good type of paper that will highlight other details, make your product more expensive and will be safe when transported, not distorted, etc.

Each type of paper has different characteristics. You can refer to good types of paper that are suitable for containers such as: Ivory, Duplex, Bristol, etc.

Things to note when designing professional lipstick paper boxes

Here is some information you should pay attention to when designing.

You need to design containers that match the quality and product line. If it’s an average lipstick line, you should choose box designs and design them simply but still with unique qualities to both attract and save costs. If you have a high-end lipstick line, you must pay special attention to a box that is commensurate with the product and its value.

You are a business person and you want your lipstick box to be the most unique and impressive, so consult and ask the design team. Please ask for support so they can sketch out the box model for you.

Lipstick, like other items, always emphasizes its packaging to highlight the product’s characteristics and value. Therefore, when designing lipstick paper boxes, you should not cram in a lot of text and information, just enough and have a harmonious combination of colors and brand logos, etc.

You should clearly state the ideas and goals you want to achieve so that the printing unit can support you most effectively.

Also, don’t ignore the paper boxes containing lipstick in sets. For holidays, customer appreciation, or launching new products to attract customers, you should design boxes that can contain many different lipsticks.

Address for printing cheap lipstick boxes in Ho Chi Minh City

Surely the above basic benefits will help you decide to choose this paper packaging printing, right? Using paper boxes will definitely bring certain efficiency to your business process, to ensure you can choose quality printing at a cheap price for yourself.

Thien Thanh packaging printing company specializes in printing lipstick boxes with good quality and competitive prices, it will not disappoint you. With modern offset printing technology and diverse paper materials imported from a reputable unit, the lipstick box will be sturdy and sturdy with clearly displayed information.

You can come to the company to receive advice and quotes directly. If you live far away, you can use email or hotline to receive information as quickly as possible. See you as soon as possible.


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